Hi there today Im opening a Patreon to keep my webcomics alive.
You can se my patreon page here:
I humbly ask for your help.
I need your help guys ❤

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Hi there! My name is Jose Garcia!!

I am a freelance comic book artist, 2d animator and illustrator.
I have worked for companies such as Electronic Arts, Heavy Metal, Devil’s Due Publishing, Arc System, Capcom to name a few.

As a freelance comic artist it’s hard to make a living, as  I have many self-owned projects  which Im working constantly on, which as some of you might know, I do without pay in my own free time, and give it to you guys for free!

With your patronage, you help me pay my everyday needs, such as food, water, gas, internet and rent.
And you help me to keep my projects alive and the opportunity to work in them more often, that means more comics and art for you!

Right now Im working on various projects:

My 8 Bit Story:
A wordless comic about a girl traveling trough old gameboy games.
I upload mostly on Thursdays here:
And if you like Facebook to remind you when the comic has updates or see WIPs and stuff you can visit here:
This is my personal project, I do all the art.

A webcomic Im doing for Mexico, about Beren’s epic journey to become king, after his father’s (King of the Mountain) death.
The comic is written in spanish, but there are plans to translate it to English.
You can see the comic here:
Its written by my friend Homero Rios, and I do all the art, updates every Wednesday.

Watch Ur Mouth:
A webcomic Im working with my friend Liz Davis.
Watch Ur Mouth is a series of satirical mini comics about adventures of a trans girl named Car0lyn 452 in a “sexy” (ironically of course) futuristic steampunk utopian society. She has her goods and bads that we will get to see expressed from her in a slice of life style webcomic, which begins with her, due to crushing loneliness, ordering her own mandroid mall buddy to fill the void in her heart and the ensuing craziness that occurs when this happens.

Liz writes I do the art, Its a paid job, but I’d like to be able to help her to achieve and see her dream of seeing Watch Ur Mouth finish.
We already have the first season finished, and we are waiting for a bit of help to get started!

Seasons is a personal project, its almost finished.
Seasons its a 4 wordless story set in the 4 seasons of the year.
Its a 120 colored pages book, currently on coloring stage.
I havent upload much of this project, but I’ll start soon uploading it to the internet soon!

All of this comics are and always will be for FREE.

Comics for all week!
Please help me making this projects come true!
In exchange of free art, patrons will have esclusive rewards, such as personal sketches, psd files. access to google hangout or private livestreams and much more!


Hello 2014!

Hello guys!
So this webcomic is till alive! but things have been though lately:
My father recently passed away last Christmas and I’ve been extremely busy with all the paperwork and legal stuff.

And I’ve been working extra time to pay all of the services of the house and such, its way harder than I expected!

Plus I didn’t expected too much responsibility all at once!
So guys I’m planing on opening a Indiegogo or Kickstarer so I can keep up with the uploads, I would ask around $500 to $1000 dlls to keep this going for some more months, what are your toughs?

Have a great new year !!
All the best


Small Hiatus

Hello guys! SO webcomic is still on hiatus because of money problems, Im still doing commissions and stuff to keep everything up and running.
SO yeah, if you are interested in a some commissions, you can see prices here :3

Also if you can check more of my work here:

I’ll try to get everything up and running in less than a week, promise ❤

Love ya guise★



First Post!

Hello There!

My Name is Jose Garcia and this is my first step into the quest of publishing webcomics!

I dont really have Idea of how wordpress or comicpress works, but what I know is that I want to be publishing my work online here!

So join me in this online adventure, I will make some upgrades to the site as I start to figure out how it works and stuff!!!


So updates are 3 days a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday!! Stay tuned and shareeeee!
I would totally love if you tell your friends or the internet people about this thingie.

SO YEAH!!! onwards to adventure!